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Branch Employee Highlight: Cathleen Hartge

As Branch’s first lawyer, Cathleen has worn many hats. From privacy compliance to legal support for the HR team, she’s played an integral part in growing Branch. Read her story.

Branch Employee Highlight: Fabi Prabhakar

We’re excited to highlight Fabi Prabhakar, Director of Engineering at Branch. Passionate about supporting the people around her, Fabi has done more than enjoy her individual success as a woman in tech. She goes above and beyond to support people on her team, her peers, and her family while inspiring innovation across Branch’s engineering team. In support of fellow women in tech, she shares important advice: “If you embrace how unique you are and know your worth, you will be very successful.”

Branch Employee Highlight: Boomerang Employee Amanda Vandiver

As Branch’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Amanda Vandiver keeps a finger on the pulse of the mobile tech industry. Since starting at Branch in 2017, Amanda has been promoted three times and worked across sales, marketing, and product. She even took an opportunity with another company in the mobile space before returning to Branch. She attributes her success to a perspective that prioritizes learning at work as the main form of goal setting and bringing enthusiasm and excitement to all projects big and small.