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Mobile Growth Playbook for Retail

In this playbook, we explore ways that retailers can grow their mobile presence and how retailers can tap into apps for acquisition, retention, and increased conversions. With first-hand advice, industry data, and quick tips — including insights from our partners at Braze — we take the guesswork out of mobile growth and empower you to thrive.

Web-to-App Playbook

In this co-authored playbook, Branch and Phiture seek to demonstrate the importance of web-to-app strategies, and show how personalization can drive higher engagement and conversions using Branch’s smart banners, among other tried-and-tested tactics.

Mobile Growth Handbook: Australia

In this handbook, we explore ways that you can cost-effectively grow your mobile app. With first-hand advice, Australia-specific industry data, and quick tips, we take the guesswork out of mobile growth and empower you to thrive.

The 2023 Product Leader’s Guide to Cross-Platform Onboarding Experiences

Personalizing customer onboarding is crucial for businesses to remain competitive. Customers expect you to understand their unique needs and to provide tailored experiences at every touchpoint. With Branch’s deep linking and attribution solutions, you can successfully personalize the customer journey to foster loyalty and drive business growth.

State of Mobile Deep Linking

In the ever-evolving mobile app landscape, user engagement has become the holy grail for businesses seeking to thrive. Mobile app…

Dive into Deep Linking with Branch

Download this guide and learn more about the value that deep links can bring to your brand, as well as to your consumers!