Senior VP of Global Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing @ Citi: Dan Bishop – Having a Dynamic Career That Grows As Much As Your Product

Our guest on this episode of How I Grew This, Dan Bishop, is currently the Senior Vice President of Global Mobile and Digital Marketing at Citi. Most people that build a career in startups stay in the startup world and most who go to Fortune 500 brands stay in that world. Dan has built a career traversing through both. He got his start seeing innovations that would change the world years later, first at JumpTV creating Online TV deals before Netflix and then at UStream seeing the early days of live streaming. Being at companies that were years ahead of the rest of the world showed him what true innovation looked like and how to find the sweet spot of timing to build, launch and grow digital products.

He shares his story of how he made it to Citibank and how most other large brands still have a Web 1.0 marketing tech stack in 2020. Beyond marketing software, Dan shares one of the most critical components is finding people who truly understand what innovation takes and how he finds them.

More on Dan’s story including his time working with Jason Calcanis, the product he launched at TurboTax being able to scan and file taxes back in 2010 and how COVID-19 has changed the financial industry on this episode of How I Grew This. Listen now on Apple Podcasts Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher and more.