Former Global CMO @ Potbelly: Brandon Rhoten- Speaking in the Voice of Your Customer

As marketers, we all hope that our efforts will transform a brand and have it become the talk of the town. Our next guest, Brandon Rhoten, has been able to do just this at several of the brands he has transformed.

Brandon has worked at Wendys, Papa Johns and Potbelly and although his approach has differed with each challenge the results have been the same: transformational change. We learn that a company looking to adapt and evolve doesn’t need to hop on the hottest trend; it needs to isolate its market problem and find a solution that aligns with its brand’s positioning. In the case of Papa Johns, it was moving their advertising to digital channels from traditional ones. For Wendys, it was reasserting its voice with clever and funny ads on social platforms like Twitter to engage with a younger audience.

In this episode, Brandon shares exactly how he approached evolving the marketing strategies at each of these companies to adapt to the times and ultimately get incredible results. Hear this and how they hired comedians for Wendy’s Twitter account, whyPotBelly hired former professional football player Peyton Manning and why Brandon studies the financial news as much as anything else, all on this episode of How I Grew This.