CEO and Co-founder of Shares: Benjamin Chemla – Revolutionizing Social Investing

In this episode of How I Grew This, Benjamin Chemla, CEO and Co-founder of Shares, joins Mada Seghete to share practical insights for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, trading, and the startup ecosystem. They dive into the success story of the Shares platform, the differences between the startup ecosystem in Europe and the US, and the importance of attracting a supportive and committed initial user base when launching your product.

Benjamin is a seasoned French serial entrepreneur and AMF-certified business angel with a remarkable track record of building cohesive teams and companies from scratch and rapidly scaling them across Europe and the US for over a decade. One of his notable ventures was the on-demand delivery platform Stuart, which secured an impressive €22 million in funding before its official launch. Eventually, the company’s outstanding growth attracted the attention of La Poste, leading to its acquisition.