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About Home Box

Home Box, a subsidiary of Landmark Group, is a one-stop shop for home essentials in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar. Since the launch of its first store in 2013, Home Box has strived to deliver fashion-forward, contemporary furniture and furnishings at affordable prices. It now has over 45 store locations, 8,000+ products, and serves millions of customers in the region. 

Shortly after the launch of its mobile website, Home Box introduced its mobile app as a part of a broader omni-channel strategy that aimed to provide customers with convenient online and offline shopping experiences. The app, available on iOS and Android, provides a seamless way for users to browse collections, research products, make purchases, and earn rewards. It also allows users to schedule convenient home deliveries at any date or time of their choosing. 

Now, the Home Box app is a key component of the company’s growth strategy, with nearly 60% of its revenue coming from the app. 


Like many retailers, Home Box recognized the potential of its mobile app to drive business. With the majority of its revenue already coming from the app, it saw an opportunity to optimize and expand this growth even further. To do so, Home Box needed new ways to encourage mobile web users to download the app. 

Though the Home Box team had previously implemented static web banners, they weren’t getting much traction with visitors. Home Box recognized the need to optimize their banners and provide a more seamless web-to-app user journey.  

Additionally, Home Box needed a unified view of app KPIs across its paid and organic marketing efforts. To understand which channels and campaigns were driving app growth, the team sought a singular place to compare performance metrics. 


Incentivized smart banners to drive app installs 

Using Branch Journeys, Home Box revamped its entire web-to-app strategy. Rather than simple web banners, it introduced incentive-based banners to offer new app users 5% off their first in-app order. When a web visitor taps the banner, they are deep linked directly to the app with the discount automatically applied — a convenient experience that increases the likelihood of conversion.  

Per strategic recommendations from the Branch team, Home Box now uses half-page and full-page interstitials to target high-intent users, incentivizing them to download the Home Box app. By showing attention-grabbing offers and strong messaging at the right time, Home Box is converting more web visitors into app users. 

Branch Journeys also allows the company to A/B test different formats, creative, and copy to determine which banners convert best.

Screenshot of the Home Box website with an app banner at the top of the page.

Screenshot of an example HomeBox full-age interstitial promoting 5% off if the customer downloads the app.

Screenshot of the Home Box website with a banner for installing the app at the bottom of the page that also promotes a holiday sale.

A single source of truth for app data

To meet its need for consolidated and accurate app data, Home Box uses the Branch Dashboard. The Dashboard provides a unified view of all app-related KPIs across every campaign, device, and platform. The team can drill down into metrics in a variety of ways. Such as looking at new installs by campaign source or engagement metrics by device type. With real-time data at their fingertips, the Home Box team can make informed strategic decisions, such as doubling down on iOS users who contribute a higher percentage of app revenue than Android users. 

Screenshot of the Branch Dashboard showing purchases and installs by Journeys campaign from June 2023 to October 2023

App installs and purchases by Journeys campaign type

Screenshot of the Branch Dashboard showing installs by Journey campaign from Jan 2023 to October 2023

App installs by Journeys campaign type

Home Box also uses Branch’s Universal Ads product to track attribution and performance of its ad partners, including Google and Meta. With a holistic view of paid and non-paid channels, Home Box has the insights necessary to measure the impact of its campaigns and make data-driven decisions. 

“Branch’s solutions have been instrumental in driving our mobile app growth. By switching to dynamic, incentive-based smart banners, we’ve not only increased our app installs but also grown our app revenue significantly. And, the access to real-time app analytics and attribution data through the Branch Dashboard has helped us make quick, data-backed decisions. We’re excited to explore additional ways to grow our app with Branch.”

Headshot of Shahzeen Rizvi

Shahzeen Rizvi, Digital Marketing Manager, Omni-channel MENA
Landmark Group


Home Box has achieved impressive mobile app growth thanks to Branch’s linking and analytics solutions. From January to September, the company grew its app installs by 42% and total revenue by 180%. Since optimizing its web-to-app experience, Branch Journeys smart banners now contribute more than 28% of the company’s revenue. 

Lastly, Home Box is now able to make data-backed decisions about resource allocation and campaign optimization. With access to real-time app analytics and attribution data, the company has a single source of truth to tell them what’s working — and what’s not. 


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