Announcing the Branch Ambassador Program

Today, we’re officially announcing the Branch Ambassador program.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve been busy building Branch into a platform used by thousands of awesome apps to power their mobile linking and growth initiatives. We’ve also traveled to cities all over the world, (Singapore, London, Vancouver, and Pune, just to name a few,) where we’ve attended hackathons and organized mobile growth meetups.

It’s been a great opportunity for us to get to know you, the mobile app developer. We’ve learned so much from meeting developers from around the world that you’ve inspired us to keep expanding. But with such a small, Palo Alto-based team, we’re looking for help to do this. So as we strive to reach mobile developers from around the world the question is, will you help us grow?

Branch Ambassador Program

We need your help growing and educating the next batch of mobile developers. In order to facilitate more discussion around mobile growth, mobile linking, and mobile retention, we’ve created the ambassador program as a way to encourage members of our mobile growth community to attend hackathons and meetups, organize mobile meetups, give talks, or promote Branch deep linking on blogs or social media accounts. Sound interesting? Keep reading.

What does the program entail?

As a Branch ambassador, we’ll provide you with all the material or support needed to host an event in your area. This includes any training materials (brochures, notes, code snippets, etc.), advice on structuring your event, guides to building a workshop slide deck, some travel support to help you attend meetings, and perhaps most importantly, we’ll cover the food and drink costs.

Why should I become an ambassador?

Being a Branch ambassador provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Become recognized as a mobile growth expert in your community.

  • Help build your local mobile community and have Branch cover your food and beverage expenses for meetups and talks.

  • Get free swag (hoodies, t-shirts, stickers, etc.).

  • Have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re playing an important role in helping apps grow and retain their users more intelligently.

  • Make money for representing Branch at local meetups and hackathons.

If you’re excited about organizing an event or representing Branch at events in your area, know someone who might be, or want to learn more about logistics or compensation, please email [email protected] or use the comments below.

Thanks for helping us expand the mobile growth community!

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