Dormant User

What is a dormant user?

An dormant or inactive user is an individual who has registered for or created an account but has not engaged with the platform for a while. Different platforms have different criteria for what constitutes a dormant user. Understanding which users are dormant can help marketers and app developers create strategies to reach them and boost engagement, retention, and conversion rates.

The length of time may vary by vertical and by activity. For instance, a financial services company may not consider a user who has filled out an application “dormant” up until 30-45 days of inactivity, while a retailer may consider a user “dormant” if they haven’t visited the website in 14 days.

There are a number of ways to improve the conversion of users across platforms, to reduce the number of dormant or inactive users in your system. For example, you may try deep linking your email users directly to in-app content or optimizing your mobile website for user engagement by routing your users into the app, where studies show substantially higher activation, engagement, retention, and conversion rates.