Deepviews® Content Preview

Autogenerated app previews with deep links — for desktop and mobile

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Deliver the right content, immediately

Optimize the web-to-app experience and boost click to install conversions by previewing your app’s content to users before they download it. Branch lets you automatically create branded pathways from marketing channels to your app in just a few clicks.

Increase install rates

Reduce app store drop-off with engaging and interactive previews that encourage users to download your app.

Grow user engagement

Take users directly to in-app content after install to increase the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

Personalize experiences

Customize templates, images, and text to tailor the experience to your brand and deliver personalized content to users.

Engage users with customized app previews

Deepviews editor

Use the Deepviews editor in your dashboard to customize your templates. Create multiple templates to showcase your app’s content and drive downloads.

  • Templates for every use case


Branch dashboard view of the Deepviews® product

Getting Deepviews

Create fully customized webhooks to send Branch events where you need them, whenever you need them.

  • Enabling Deepviews is as easy as checking a box in Dashboard > Settings.
  • By default, Deepviews uses OG tags and our template, but you can customize however you like.
Branch dashboard view of the Deepviews® product preview

Deepviews drives up to 6X improvements in click to install rates

Get complete insights with dedicated analytics.

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How Mobile Apps Go Viral: User-generated Sharing Links

The best way to overcome sharing challenges is to create deep links and attribute shared content. These shared links create informative Deepviews, which auto-open the app and take users directly to specific content deep within the platform. This ensures clicks and downstream events are attributable to that link and channel.

Optimize Mobile Traffic With Deepviews®

Increase app installs and customer lifetime value with Branch Deepviews. Create custom branded web splash pages that enhance mobile traffic and drive higher click-to-install rates.