What is the State of Android Attribution in 2022?

If you are an app marketer, then join us on 1 March 2022 for a deep dive into what the state of Android Attribution will look like in 2022.

Branch along with experts from the industry will discuss and deliberate on all the changes Android 12 brings to the world of attribution and also answer all the questions you have in this space.

Here are some frequently asked questions around Android 12 that we will cover in this webinar:

– What Android 12 means for app marketers in 2022?
– Can end-user privacy co-exist with accurate attribution?
– What are the best earned, owned, paid channels to spend on? Are you getting the desired ROI?
– What else lies beyond touch attribution?

__About the Speakers__

__Sanjeev Singh__


__Sandy Kusuma__


__Chhaya Sivakumar__


__Shravil Kapoor__


__Nick Rogers__