How To Increase User Value in Gaming Apps

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

11 am - 11:30 am PST

The popularity of mobile gaming continues to rise around the globe. With that comes an increased number of games available in app stores, which now reaches 460,000 in the Apple App Store and 393,000 in the Google Play Store. Amid this fierce competition, it’s more important than ever to make your mobile game stand out.

Watch our webinar to learn how Branch’s linking and measurement solutions empower teams to deliver personalized and engaging experiences, driving increased user retention and revenue generation in the competitive mobile gaming landscape. 

We’ll explore:

  • How to boost user acquisition with strategies like content sharing, unlocking unique content, and a rewarded referral system
  • Strategies to maximize reengagement, including push notifications, tasks/missions, daily rewards systems
  • How to make your mobile game stand out and increase lifetime value (LTV) with Branch-powered player experiences

Plus, see Branch capabilities in action with a live game demo! 


Rob Gioia

Senior Solutions Architect @ Branch

Rob Gioia is a Senior Solutions Architect at Branch. He helps companies get up and running using Branch’s suite of SDKs and products. Prior to Branch he worked as a cross-platform mobile applications developer for several years, and uses his mobile development experience to guide clients through using best practices and elegant coding solutions. He is also a Udemy instructor with 22 published online courses.