How to Prevent Mobile Ad Fraud

Tuesday, May 16, 2023


Ad fraud poses a major challenge to the paid advertising industry, resulting in significant financial losses that amount to billions of dollars annually. This phenomenon not only impacts businesses but also affects the entire advertising ecosystem.

Ad fraud results in wasted advertising spend, poor data quality, and requires extensive resources to investigate and address fraudulent activities. In addition, fraudulent practices can erode customer trust in advertising as a whole, which is particularly problematic given the increased privacy concerns of consumers.

To combat ad fraud, it is essential that all stakeholders work together to identify and eliminate fraudulent activities proactively. Join us to learn how we offer a range of tactics and techniques, such as device ID blocking, pattern detection, and threshold detection, to create a more transparent and trustworthy advertising ecosystem for clients.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The continuous impact of ad fraud on the paid advertising industry
  • The increasing sophistication of ad fraud tactics and some of the advanced fraud techniques that Branch has observed
  • How to combat ad fraud and how to create a safe and trustworthy advertising ecosystem

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Sundy Chen

Solutions Architect, Professional Services at Branch

Sundy Chen is a Solutions Architect of the Professional Services, North America team. As a Solutions Architect, Sundy works with clients to identify mobile marketing use cases, and translate those use cases into technical requirements to deliver successful implementation experiences for clients across various industries.

Noah Klausman

Strategic Account Executive at Branch

Noah is the strategic account executive at Branch with an impressive track record in the tech industry. Prior to joining Branch, Noah worked as a Sales Manager, Enterprise at Yelp and co-founded the then-largest independent mobile deep linking platform, Deeplink, responsible for shepherding the engagement suite from 0 partners to over 14k apps on the platform. Noah thrives on having a guiding revenue target that allows his to hone in on his responsibilities, and build massive relationships across broad organizations, always with the end-goal of building company revenue.