Discover LinkHub: Your Ultimate Solution for Efficient Enterprise Link Management!

Thursday, September 21, 2023


Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring Branch product experts as we unveil our newest platform innovation: LinkHub. 

Working with some of the largest apps in the world, we understand that it can often be a challenge to ensure consistent link creation, behavior, and tagging across teams and campaigns. As our customers continue to generate a high volume of links, we built a solution to help them efficiently create, manage, and analyze these links at scale. 

LinkHub is a brand new solution from Branch, available exclusively through the new Branch Advanced Platform. This enhanced platform is specifically designed to help enterprise and strategic customers reduce manual work and troubleshooting, lower cost associated with other data governance tools, and eliminate operational inefficiencies. With tools to create, manage, and analyze links in bulk, LinkHub helps customers improve mobile experiences at scale. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The power of standardized Branch links at scale
  • Branch’s innovative enterprise link management solutions
  • LinkHub features and the new Branch Advanced Platform
  • Tips for creating more consistent deep linked campaigns faster 
  • Solutions for link data governance and cleaner reporting

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to drive efficiency and save valuable time and resources with Branch’s Advanced Platform experience. Register today!


Amanda Vandiver

Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Branch

Amanda first joined Branch in 2017, where her success as an Account Executive propelled her to become a founding member of Branch’s product marketing team in 2019. Now as the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Branch’s Mobile Linking Platform, Amanda plays a pivotal role in helping mobile teams understand the value of Branch’s linking and measurement solutions for owned and earned channels. She is a connector, creator, and storyteller with a track record for leading strategic product launches, market research, enablement, and platform positioning.

Man with brown hair and white tshirt smiling
Aaron Lopez

Senior Product Manager @ Branch

Previously a Senior Software Engineer, Aaron has now joined the Product team to lead the next generation of linking and growth products. Aaron led our SEO App Attribution and NativeLink feature launch and has extensive technical knowledge of all Branch products. Aaron holds a BA in Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley.