APAC Android Privacy Sandbox: Is It The IDFA Apocalypse All Over Again?

Thursday, February 18, 2021

11:30am IST / 1:00pm WIB / 2:00pm GST / 5:00pm AEDT

Google has announced [their plan](https://blog.google/products/android/introducing-privacy-sandbox-android/) to bring Privacy Sandbox (previously a web-only initiative for Chrome) to Android apps.

You probably have a lot of questions:

  • What does this mean for mobile linking and measurement?
  • How does this compare with iOS? Is it AppTrackingTransparency for Android?
  • What does my team need to know, and do we need to do anything right now?
  • In this webinar, we’ll unpack Google’s announcement and discuss what it means for privacy, attribution, and the mobile ecosystem over the coming months.


Alex Bauer | Branch

Alex Bauer has been called “the guiding light of iOS 14,” regularly sharing data analyses and industry updates on the future of mobile linking and measurement in a privacy-first world. Alex joined Branch as a Developer Advocate in 2016, and helped build Branch’s early developer relations and long-tail adoption strategies. Now, as Head of Product Marketing and Market Strategy, he works closely with teams across Branch to help shape the company’s place in the mobile ecosystem.

Chhaya Sivakumar | Branch

Chhaya has been a product marketer for over a decade leading branding and positioning initiatives for a variety of mobile-first products in diverse verticals ranging from mobile game advertising, fitness, and remote work collaboration. Currently she is allured by the unique opportunity at Branch to co-create and evangelize a futurisitic attribution solution that navigates our privacy-first ad ecosystem for us effortlessly. She holds an MBA from Yonsei University in Seoul.