How Are E-commerce Brands Harnessing the Power of CTV?

Increasing opportunity begs the practical question, how exactly should advertisers view the CTV opportunity? Our Head of Growth sat down with Dimitri Souffan, who leads Business Development at the CTV platform Vibe, to ask some pointed questions about this emerging opportunity.

Behind the Magic: How SKAdNetwork Magic Set Up Works

SKAN Magic Set Up uses intricate, innovative technology, so to get more background as well as practical advice for putting it to work, Branch data scientist Blake Schiafone explains how SKAN Magic Set Up works and how Branch customers can use it most effectively for their campaigns.

How Real Money Gaming Apps Acquire and Engage Users in India

To help game developers and publishers understand how they can differentiate their real money gaming apps and score big, we studied some of the most successful gaming apps in India and identified a few common themes and patterns, unique opportunities, and insights on what really works. 

How To Make CTV Advertising Work for Your Brand

The rise in viewership of connected television (CTV) has many of our customers interested in this new, growing channel. But many face the conundrum: Is CTV advertising an effective way to engage with my users? We asked Moloco's head of CTV, Jake Richardson, to answer some questions from Branch customers to help you decide if CTV is right for your brand.