The Ultimate Guide to Branch Products

If you’ve heard of Branch, you probably know we have been providing deep links to developers and marketers on mobile for years now. Branch has grown quite a bit since our inception, however. In fact, Branch now hosts a full suite of deep linking and attribution solutions that are proven to drive growth and sales. Branch’s products reflect the four stages of growth, or AARR—Acquisition, Activation, Retention, and Referral.


Acquisition Features
Deepviews – Free

Deepviews is a deep linked sharing tool that allows developers to provide custom previews of in-app content to potential users on the mobile web.

Deepviews provides robust functionality to developers by enabling them to host mobile content even if they lack a mobile site. With this feature, Branch provides powerful redirects that allow deep linking from all third-party platforms—even tricky walled gardens like Facebook.

You can build and create custom CSS styling for your Deepviews right from our Dashboard, boosting your click-to-install rates up to six times and providing a seamless user experience to new users, all without even hosting a mobile website. If you’re interested in the implementation, check out our docs.

Data Analytics – Premium

Branch provides a way to export your deep links’ attribution data just the way your favorite analytics tool needs it. Our Data Integrations tool forwards your Branch data into your favorite analytics platform to be used for further inspection.

We have partnered with 8 of the most powerful analytics tools. Interested in pricing or implementation?


Activation Products
Customizable Onboarding – Free

Branch simplifies the custom onboarding process by tracking your users’ origins over the course of the install process. This is the basis of deferred deep linking—this data allows our partners to create personalized messaging and content for an elegant and personalized user experience.

Personalized onboarding is an easy way to introduce a customized experience in your app. This small but impactful feature is essential for getting users to engage with your content. In fact, Gogobot used Branch to test this theory and found a 78% increase in install to sign up rate. If you’re interested in implementation, check out our docs.

Dynamic Ads – Free/Paid

Dynamic Ads are Branch’s latest powerful tool for mobile marketers. Dynamic Ads allow apps to send web users directly to in-app product pages, where conversions and purchase rates are higher than those in the mobile web. Branch links ensure a user is taken straight to the desired in-app content, even through the install process.

Our partners have seen a 7x increase in ad returns and a 20k increase in incremental revenue among 1M users who viewed Branch’s Dynamic Ads. Without this functionality, users would be forced to purchase on the mobile web, where conversions and purchase rates are much lower.

Interested in using Dynamic Ads? Look here for information on pricing or implementation.

Web to App Features (Journeys) – Free/Premium

Conversion rates and engagement increase dramatically in apps, but the discovery rate on the mobile web is significantly higher. This creates a logically complex problem for developers and marketers looking to drive app growth without using paid installs. To simultaneously capitalize on the benefits of the mobile web and app spaces, Branch created a suite of web-to-app features called Journeys to drive the high traffic on your mobile website into your apps.  

Journeys functionality varies on the free vs. paid versions. They both provide our standard deep linking and attribution standards, our custom text and colors, and our cross-platform functionality. The premium version provides A/B testing, advanced CSS control, targeting of custom audiences, and other advanced controls, however.

Journeys are invaluable to mobile app developers because they can double users’ engagement with content. If you’re interested in using Journeys, check out our information on pricing and implementation.

Universal Email – Premium

At Branch, we simplify deep linking from email. With just a few simple steps, our users can create deep links for email that work across all platforms. This is a mobile marketer’s dream.

We have partnered with the top email solutions providers to integrate Branch and provide tracking on your email campaigns. These links will connect users directly to the point of purchase, even through install, while providing you with attribution and click data. Our partners have found a 30% increase in app engagement from email and a 6x increase in purchases from email. Interested in using our email feature? Visit our website for information on pricing and implementation.


App to App Experiences – Free

Branch’s app-to-app experiences allow users to deep link from one app to another. By sharing contextual data, app-to-app experiences drive powerful engagement and growth.

This feature provides unique use cases for our partners. You can leverage custom onboarding, tailor content, and—in the case of apps like Yummly and Instacart—customize shopping carts. For Instacart and Yummly, one-week retention rate increased by 35%, shopping cart size by 28%, and Yummly to Instacart sharing by 10%.

Content Analytics – Free

Through Branch’s state-of-the-art dashboard, our users can track app content that best drives user engagement. Branch’s analytics track and rank your content based on clicks, installs, and opens.

These analytics are valuable for developers because marketing the content in your app, rather than marketing the app as a whole, can lead to 3x as many clicks and 3x the retention rate. Knowing which pieces of content are top performing allows developers to strategically decide how to target their users. If you’re interested in implementation, check out our docs.


Referral Products
Content Sharing – Free

Branch’s content sharing tool allows users to share content across any channel or platform. This is a powerful organic growth engine that developers can harness to boost the virality of their apps.

Content sharing has become one of the most important aspects of app virality. With Branch, you can enable your users to share direct links to in-app content, no matter the platform. The universal ability to share has boosted Vango’s conversions 2.5x, app sessions 4.3x, and two-month retention rates 2x.

Branch Referrals – Free

Branch’s referral system is one of the most robust on the market, and is an essential app feature for developers looking to increase engagement and organic growth.

By creating custom deep links, Branch offers unique functionality for developers. We can track the source of a referral and attribute it appropriately, removing the need for cumbersome promo codes. Branch also eliminates the need to manage a referral system by hosting and tracking it directly on our dashboard. This system also allows Branch to help detect and prevent fraud.  

Our referrals tool has inspired incredible growth for our partners. We have seen a 31% boost in conversion rate, a 30% increase in installs, and a twofold increase in user engagement for referred users.  If you’re interested in implementing our referrals tool, check out our docs.

I hope you now have an even better understanding of Branch’s many valuable tools and features. From Deepviews to Journeys to referral systems, we offer a wide variety of solutions to help developers and marketers boost revenue and channel organic growth.