How To Run a Mobile Referral Program

By implementing a referral marketing program, mobile app developers and marketers can boost their conversion rates while rewarding their loyal customers, creating a win-win scenario for all involved.

How Real Money Gaming Apps Acquire and Engage Users in India

To help game developers and publishers understand how they can differentiate their real money gaming apps and score big, we studied some of the most successful gaming apps in India and identified a few common themes and patterns, unique opportunities, and insights on what really works. 

How To Make CTV Advertising Work for Your Brand

The rise in viewership of connected television (CTV) has many of our customers interested in this new, growing channel. But many face the conundrum: Is CTV advertising an effective way to engage with my users? We asked Moloco's head of CTV, Jake Richardson, to answer some questions from Branch customers to help you decide if CTV is right for your brand.

European Union Data Footprint Update

At Branch, we’re always looking for ways to better support our customers, and it’s in that spirit that we are sharing an update about our European Union data footprint. 

2023 Mobile Growth Awards Call for Entries Now Open

Do you have an exceptional campaign in mind? Don't hesitate to submit an application! Nominations will remain open until Friday, October 27, 2023. We will announce finalists in early November and the winners by November 30.

Branch Honored With Four New Comparably Awards

Branch is honored to be presented not one, not two, not three, but four of Comparably’s Best Places to Work awards, including Work-Life Balance, Perks & Benefits, Compensation, and Happiest Employees.

How Mobile Apps Go Viral: User-generated Sharing Links

The best way to overcome sharing challenges is to create deep links and attribute shared content. These shared links create informative Deepviews, which auto-open the app and take users directly to specific content deep within the platform. This ensures clicks and downstream events are attributable to that link and channel.