Mobile SEO

What is mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Optimizing content to improve its search engine ranking and visibility on a mobile device. In addition to following standard SEO practices, mobile SEO includes ensuring content is created to be mobile friendly. As mobile use increases, it’s important to tailor content to the unique needs of mobile users so content is discoverable by search engines.

Mobile SEO refers to the effort of doing search engine optimization (SEO) for the mobile medium, through assets such as mobile web pages or even native mobile apps. Learn how to optimize SEO for content in native mobile apps.

As mobile penetration surpasses desktop usage, Google and other search engines have shifted their focus on delivering better results on mobile devices. Creating unique and relevant content is still the key to rank in Mobile SEO, but since mobile has limited bandwidth and small screen real estate; it is also important to take these into consideration when you’re designing a mobile web page. Google takes page loading speeds seriously, so in order to rank better in Mobile SEO make sure to create lightweight pages that load fast and look good on small screens.

Google is also working on indexing native app content so how you develop your app is also potentially considered as Mobile SEO. With Google’s App Indexing feature it is possible to index your in-app content to display on Google search result pages even if you don’t have a mobile web page to go with it. Branch’s deep links have app indexing fully baked into them, and enable you to receive organic search traffic to your native apps in a matter of minutes!