Thursday, April 18, 2024

8:30am PDT | 5:30 pm CEST | 11:30am PDT

It’s been a year since our conversation on privacy with David Philippson, CEO of DataSeat (part of Verve Group). And while a lot has changed, the complexity of the ecosystem is certainly not one of them. We asked David to come back to help us uncover the latest insights on privacy-centric advertising, SKAN’s likely future, and what is actually happening with Google Privacy Sandbox.

In this episode of TechTalks, you will hear:

  • The current state of privacy-centric advertising
  • What’s taking so long with SKAN 4?
  • What should advertisers do about Privacy Manifests?
  • What is realistic timing on a Google Privacy Sandbox rollout?

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Adam Landis

Head of Growth @ Branch

Adam Landis is the Founder & CEO of AdLibertas, a mobile app data platform purchased by Branch late last year. At Branch he serves as Head of Growth, where his deep experience in mobile advertising and data help us innovate our measurement products to help our customers measure marketing performance in an increasingly difficult ecosystem.

David Philippson

Co-Founder and CEO @ Dataseat (Now part of the Verve Group)

David is a mobile Adtech veteran and entrepreneur having founded and sold one of the first App attribution businesses or MMPs (AdX tracking) to Criteo in 2013. David went on to complete his 3 year earn out with Criteo where he was Managing Director of mobile solutions. Following Criteo David became an investor and Advisor to many Adtech startups including: Luna labs which was acquired by Iron Source and Ad-lib acquired by smartly. In 2019 David started DataSeat which is a transparent contextual in-App DSP that drives performance for App marketers without any reliance on Device IDs. In July 2022 Dataseat was Acquired by Verve Group.