The Blueprint for Streamlined Customer Journeys With Branch and Segment

Thursday, August 3, 2023

1:00 PM PT to 2:00 PM PT

In today’s fast-paced world, mobile users have little patience for confusing, disjointed journeys. And with so many brands vying for their attention, marketers must build intuitive and user-friendly mobile experiences – especially ones that make users say “Wow, that was easy!” That’s where Branch & Segment come in. With deep linking and accurate mobile attribution data, Branch gives you the visibility you need to make smart marketing decisions. And with Segment’s data platform, you can create tailored mobile experiences that turn prospects into loyal customers.

You will learn:

  • The role that Branch and Segment play in the mobile ecosystem
  • How to send data back and forth between the Branch + Segment platforms for better attribution insights
  • How to identify which cohort audience works best for the different campaign types that you run
  • Best practices to create winning customer journeys that drive more revenue
  • How to turn data into insights and activation bringing users into your app via personalized user journeys


Rob Gioia

Senior Solutions Architect @ Branch

Rob Gioia is a Senior Solutions Architect at Branch. He helps companies get up and running using Branch’s suite of SDKs and products. Prior to Branch he worked as a cross-platform mobile applications developer for several years, and uses his mobile development experience to guide clients through using best practices and elegant coding solutions. He is also a Udemy instructor with 22 published online courses.

Safdar Jaffari

Strategic Partner Engineer @ Twilio Segment

Safdar Jaffari is a Strategic Partner Engineer at Twilio Segment where he supports SI and technology partners. Prior to joining Twilio, Safdar led digital transformation and data management solutions in the energy & mortgage industries.