How the Right Technology Stack Enables a Winning Customer Experience for the Food & Delivery Industry

Designing a technology stack for your business isn’t easy. Many restaurants and food delivery brands depend on a variety of integrated technologies and solutions to run and grow their business.

In this panel discussion, we discuss the importance of building the right technology stack in order to drive loyalty and revenue in the food industry.

This panel discussion explores:

  • How to build the right technology stack
  • How to drive modern customer experiences with personalization
  • How to drive revenue with customer data and product intelligence
  • How to get the best ROI on your ad spend with customer data


Elliot Gennard | KFC UK & Ireland

Elliot is a marketing technology enthusiast with over 5 years experience in the CRM, data and marketing technology field. At KFC UKI, Elliot is the Marketing Technology Manager supporting and leading on projects with the businesses digital team. Elliot has worked across in-house and consulting roles including engagements with some of the UKs best known brands.

Simon Baptist | Branch

As Director of Business Development, Simon works with all parts of the mobile ecosystem including advertisers, agencies, advertising platforms and technology partners toward helping unlock the mobile opportunity. In his free time, Simon is obsessed with making the perfect version of fast-food favs. After mastering the burger, he’s now working on fried chicken.

John Cutler | Amplitude

John Cutler is keenly focused on user experience and evidence-driven product development. He mixes and matches various methodologies to help teams deliver lasting outcomes for their customers. He currently works as Product Evangelist at Amplitude. As a former UX researcher at AppFolio, a product manager at Zendesk,, AdKeeper and RichFX, a startup founder, and a product team coach, John has a perspective that spans individual roles, domains, and products

Magith Noohukhan | Braze

Magith Noohukhan, Evangelist at customer engagement platform Braze, educates global brands on how to create meaningful connections with their customers that drive higher lifetime value and lower acquisition costs. Prior to joining Braze, Magith held Evangelist positions across Germany at XING and Indeed and has more than 10 years of marketing experience. He is currently based in London.

James Fang | mParticle

James is the Vice President of Product Marketing at mParticle, the leading customer data platform provider. A trusted partner among renowned QSR brands such as Starbucks, McDonalds, Restaurants Brands International, Chick Fil-A, Dave & Busters, the mParticle platform has grown to manage over 1 billion mobile users each month, capturing over $5 billion in e-commerce transactions and processes over 250 billion API calls. James leads the team responsible for all things go-to-market strategy, across all of mParticle’s product lines.