Voot Builds an Optimal Social Sharing Platform with Deep Linking

Voot is a new app which showcases entertainment shows across verticals. With a click of a button, users are empowered to browse through 17,000 hours of exciting content for audiences with varying choices and preferences. But as voot tried to expand their mobile user base, they realized that their growth strategy had a serious obstacle : users were finding it difficult to share content. In this context, they needed a robust social sharing program to boost outreach and engagement, as well as provide its users a seamless experience.


With entertainment discovery services industry populating rapidly, Voot sought to empower their platform with Branch deep linking platform to continue enhancing their user base. As a result, they saw an uplift in sharing and retention.

The Problem

Before Branch links, a user might click on a link shared by a friend from where they’d be sent to app store. After the install, the user would be forced to search the original piece of content within the app by the show name. This would make way for a lot of drop-off points from frustrated users. To counter this, Voot needed an effective way to increase engagement on its app. They wanted to design a social sharing program with Branch links to do so.

The Solution

With Branch, users can share in-app content from the listing on Voot with an easy-to-share link. This link is compatible across every device, every platform, and every app store, including the latest iOS 9 update. By handling every edge case on every platform, Branch enabled Voot to focus more of their time on building out their sharing and referral features.

Each Branch link creates a direct user pathway to specific app content whether they were viewing the link from text, email or social media platform. If the link was created at the listing level, the referred user who clicks the link will be sent directly to the specific listing on Voot. If the link was created from a page with the show information, users will be brought to the show content.

Branch technology allows Voot to bundle user data with each interaction. Using this data, Voot can determine which sharing channels and features are most successful to optimize the sharing process. The benefits of Branch deep links are not only for those who already have the app installed. Fans who aren’t current app users are first prompted to download the app. Once downloaded, users can skip the login process and pass through to in-app content rather than a general app welcome page.


When users prompted their circles to access the content on Voot, Voot saw immediate improvements in social sharing and user engagement metrics.

  • 2.5x increase in signup conversions
  • 4x increase in number of sessions
  • 16% increase in one-week retention