The League Boosts Installs and Engagement with a World-Class Mobile Referral Program

After The League launched its sophisticated dating mobile app, it was looking for a way to drive up excitement around the launch. They had the idea to release the app in two stages: a waitlist at first, followed by the actual dating service a few months later. The waitlist would introduce an exclusivity factor to their user base, as the founders would only let in a number of select profiles per day. In order to move up the waitlist, an existing user would have to refer a friend to install the app, thus allowing The League to generate hype and drive more installs. In the app world, there was no existing way to attribute referral installs back to the referring user before Branch referrals.

  • 30% boost in installs through user referrals
  • 31% increase in conversion to signup for referred users
  • 2x increase in engagement for referred users