Rummy Passion: How India’s hottest gaming app used Branch to solve attribution and linking

As one of India’s premier card gaming platforms, Rummy Passion hosts thousands of rummy players and pays out millions of rupees every day. The Rummy Passion team, based in Chandigarh and Gurgaon, is composed of more than 100 professionals with years of experience across the Indian, British, and American gaming industries. Their passion for gaming and rummy in particular has allowed them to create a one-of-a-kind online gaming experience for Indian players.

As Rummy Passion grew in popularity and scope, the team leaders noticed scaling issues that, if left unaddressed, would ultimately affect the company’s bottom line. Attribution across channels was difficult, as Rummy Passion was getting data from many different network partners. Without deep linking support, the app struggled to provide seamless experiences for users as well as user journey information for the Rummy Passion team. Finally, the team also noticed a surge of fake registrations and usage, which are an unfortunate reality for gaming apps but can greatly detract from the experiences of legitimate users.

By working with Branch, Rummy Passion was able to address these challenges. They created a better experience for their customers and their business team, which led to a reduction in overall marketing costs by over 35%.

Here’s how they did it.

Reliable attribution for every acquisition channel

One of the main challenges that Rummy Passion faced as they grew was the fact that they were getting attribution data from so many different sources. Hundreds of ad network partners delivered this data regularly, making it difficult to validate results and nearly impossible to compare the performance of standard app install ads and affiliate marketing partners. Rummy Passion needed a unified way to track how users were coming to their app.

Branch was able to provide this consolidated view with its mobile measurement partner (MMP) solution, Universal Ads, which supports paid marketing efforts on Facebook, Google, and affiliate partners. Rummy Passion was then able to track new users coming from these sources in the Branch dashboard, which in turn presents all tracking data in an easy-to-read format. With this information at their fingertips, Rummy Passion’s team was able to gauge the success of their campaigns. The Branch dashboard’s user-friendly layout enabled the Rummy Passion team to easily create marketing links for new campaigns, then evaluate them accordingly.

Improving attribution capabilities was a game-changer for Rummy Passion and its affiliate marketing partners. They now receive full credit for in-app conversions which had previously been erroneously reported as organic. With this new information available, Rummy Passion was able to reduce customer acquisition costs for affiliate marketing campaigns by over 30%. Additionally, some of Rummy Passion’s major affiliate marketing partners saw as much as a 10x increase in attributed sales.

Rummy Passion’s team was able to more easily track the user journeys that resulted in app downloads — they could easily see which journeys were most popular, and then focus future marketing efforts in those directions. By following this data and changing budget allocation accordingly, Rummy Passion was able to maximize ROI and reduce overall marketing costs by 35%.

Screenshot of social media ads using Branch deep links

Examples of Rummy Passion’s dynamic and localized mobile ad campaigns.

Improved user journeys and deep links

Having access to performance reports for all of their paid marketing campaigns helped Rummy Passion’s team understand the journeys that users were taking to get to their app. They also needed to make sure that users who were trying to get into their app were able to do so seamlessly, regardless of where they were coming from. Branch’s industry-leading deep links, fully integrated into the MMP solution, helped with this objective.

With Branch’s deep links powering their paid acquisition campaigns, the Rummy Passion team was able to seamlessly bring users into the Rummy Passion app. This reduced redirection errors, increased the number of app downloads, and ultimately strengthened the overall user experience.

Rummy Passion also benefited from Branch’s flexible support of dynamic long links. This reduced redirection errors and allowed other team members to create deep links effortlessly using shared spreadsheets. Branch helped Rummy Passion quickly scale its linking strategy across teams, ultimately helping to drive up app installs and improve the overall user journey.

Fraud protection

Like any popular gaming app, Rummy Passion dealt with fraud problems — namely, there were large-scale fraudulent registrations and fake users. While some measure of fraud is inevitable in any campaign, it is problematic for a rapidly-scaling gaming app like Rummy Passion, since it leads to an unoptimized marketing mix and artificial inflation of the cost of acquisition.

Rummy Passion wanted to scale at a rapid pace while keeping the cost of acquisition optimized. Fortunately, Branch was able to help with protection to block these fraudulent conversions, implementing measures that helped maintain the integrity of incentivized traffic while cutting down on specific fraud behaviors (such as device conflict, fake persona creation, click injection, and suspicious conversions). Branch helped Rummy Passion cut down on fraudulent installs while they scaled — ultimately reducing them by 50%. Rummy Passion also saw major drops in fraudulent registrations and deposits.

The bottom line

In working with Branch, Rummy Passion’s team was able to ensure the best possible experiences — not just for app users, but for themselves, as well. Amandeep Singh, Head of Digital Marketing at Rummy Passion’s parent company, Passion Gaming, said, “Branch has helped Rummy Passion in delivering best-in-class user experience campaigns and also helped in optimizing acquisition costs. We view Branch as a valuable partner in our growth journey.” As Rummy Passion continues to grow, Branch will be sure to deliver the reliable, cost-cutting performance that their team has come to expect.

To read more about Rummy Passion and their Branch implementation, please download the full case study.

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