Mobile Banners

What are mobile banners?

Small, rectangular ads. Mobile banners may appear at the top, bottom or side of a screen, which makes them less intrusive than some other forms of digital advertising. They are an effective way to reach a captive audience with a targeted message.

A mobile banner uses a fraction of the screen on a mobile website to inform and encourage users to open the native app, or install it if they don’t have it. These banners have become popular as a way to drive high-value traffic to your app because it’s a way to target users who are interacting with your company on their mobile device already (particularly “smart mobile banners”, or simply “smart banners”). For most of these banners, they change the actual button text from something like “Install” to “Open”, if the banner detects that the user has the app installed.

Other banners, like Branch’s Journeys, are smart banners with audience targeting, codeless banner creation, scheduling, A/B testing, and other customizable built-in features.