Thursday, 26 October

5:30 PM WIB


Four Seasons, Jakarta

About this event

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the role of the Marketers and Product lead has transcended its traditional boundaries to become a dynamic force in driving business growth across all departments. One of these most notable areas is customer experience.

McKinsey analysis has shown successful experience-led growth strategies boost companies’ share of wallet by 5 to 10%, increase cross-sell rates, and improve customer satisfaction and engagement by 20 to 30%.

Companies that prioritise customer-centric approaches have recorded over twice the revenue growth compared to those that neglect CX. As a response, emerging business models are taking shape, often accelerated by new competitors entering the scene. Failing to adopt these evolving models could lead to companies falling behind the curve.

The adoption of customer-centric strategies has the potential to revolutionize business outcomes, but the transformation of business models is a multifaceted endeavor.

To navigate this transformation, data and marketing technology tools play a pivotal role in empowering marketing and product teams to gain deep insights into their customers, monitor engagement, and drive business expansion. By bridging the gap between marketing efforts and customer experience, these teams are generating more value than ever before. However, achieving this transformation will necessitate making substantial strategic investments, often in collaboration with CFOs,CMOs, & Product leads and aligning return on investment expectations with the company’s growth ambitions.

From an uncertain economy, a digital arms race to the pressures from the next generation of buyers, it’s time for Marketers & Product leads to shift towards areas that have been historically outside of their purview.