Wednesday, 26 July

4:30 PM AEST


The Langham, Melbourne



  • 16:30pm: Registration
    Check in and network with your fellow mobile growth leaders
  • 17:00pm: Welcome to Leaders in Mobile Growth – How our partner’s work together
  • 17:05pm: 2023 Mobile Marketing Industry Outlook
    A session around industry changes and its impact on mobile marketing in 2023
  • 17:20pm: Mobile App Monetization: State of App Revenue in 2023
    data.ai’s never-before-seen insights into the complete picture of mobile monetization
  • 17:30pm: Sponsor Presentation Iterable
  • 17:40pm: Keynote: “Mobile Growth Machine” by Target Australia
    How Target Australia is Maximizing Mobile Growth Through Organic Strategies and Adapting to Changing Consumer Habits
  • 18:00pm: Unlocking customer engagement: Leveraging user behavioural analytics for your app
  • 18:10pm: Panel Discussion: Strategies for Navigating a Changing Market Landscape to drive App growth
  • 18:40pm: Roundtable Discussions
  • 19:05pm: Insights & Findings Sharing
  • 19:20pm: Closing and Vote of thanks
  • 19:25pm: Networking Dinner

About this event

Leaders in Mobile Growth Melbourne (LIMG Melbourne) is an opportunity to share best practices, learn how to navigate the complex privacy landscape and explore how other companies are implementing the best strategies to win and retain customers in the digital age.
Join us for an evening where you can connect with fellow mobile growth leaders, and gain new insights through lively roundtable discussions.
You will hear from an expert panel on market outlook and trends for 2023 and partake in roundtables discussing all things mobile, including:
  • Realising the LTV of the mobile consumer
  • Mobile growth – acquisition, engagement and retention strategies to improve ROI
  • Optimising budgets, alternative marketing channels, cross-device customer journeys to drive mobile growth and navigating privacy changes