Tonsser Uses Branch to Win User Engagement and Lower CPI

Tonsser, Europe’s most popular social network for youth footballers, needed to refresh their game plan for engaging users on Snapchat. Branch and Tonsser connected on a strategy that would alleviate Tonsser’s near-term challenges while setting them up for long-term success.  

Branch + Snapchat + Tonsser

Tonsser’s quest to acquire new users on Snapchat was hampered by inefficiencies and lack of real-time visibility into marketing performance. Lacking the tools required to optimize their cost-per-install (CPI) and achieve their new user goal, the company was falling short of expectations.

As one of Snapchat’s official measurement partners, Branch is able to identify where Tonsser’s most engaged users originate and the messages that result in the highest retention and lowest CPI. With Branch, Tonsser can now:     

  • View retention data for every ad, directly on the Branch console
  • View real-time CPI data by audience segment
  • Assemble audience segments based on accurate performance insights
  • Efficiently reach Snapchat users without the Tonsser app installed, and reactivate Snapchat users with the Tonsser app installed
  • Optimize everything from acquisition strategies to product features based upon more detailed learnings than ever before

A Tonsser user acquisition campaign

A Tonsser user engagement campaign

  • By working with Branch, Tonsser lowered their CPI by over 15% in the first two weeks of their revised user acquisition campaign on Snapchat.
  • With access to more granular and automated targeting options, Tonsser’s ad engagement on Snapchat increased by 1.5x and generated a corresponding increase in in-app actions.  

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