How Media Mix Modeling (MMM) Can Help Enhance Marketing Attribution and Analytics

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

1:00pm - 2:00pm PST

Media Mix Modeling [MMM] is all the craze now as marketers look to optimize their campaigns better. With the current economic environment, increasing deprecation of device IDs across iOS and Android, a general emphasis on end-user privacy, and many brands looking to organic channels to boost growth, MMM has something refreshing to offer to most marketers.

Branch’s MMM uses Robyn, a sophisticated ML model developed by Meta that captures and trains big marketing data with macroeconomic trends, including the impact of seasonality and the diminishing marginal utility of ad inventory across channels. With Robyn, Branch enhances your attribution and analytics to help you forecast and budget your spend with accuracy, agility, and scale.

To learn more about what MMM is, how it works, whether it makes sense for your team, and how to get started, join Chhaya and Mark through a conversational journey into the hottest trend in Performance Marketing these days. We will discuss the topics below:

  • What is MMM?
  • Why MMM now?
  • What makes Branch best-in-class with MMM?
  • The Meta / Branch MMM Incubator program
  • What makes me a fit for MMM?


Mark Hansen

Senior Product Manager for Ads & Attribution at Branch

Chhaya Sivakumar

Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Branch