3 Ways to Leverage Your Mobile Tech Stack for Organic Channels

Today brands are seeking the perfect balance of paid and organic efforts. Paid advertising has historically been relied on to drive a high volume of installs, but costs and competition for that channel have been steadily increasing, plus the impact of COVID-19 isn’t helping either.

In reality, organic channels can deliver high-quality installs for your dollars — as long as you offer a cross-platform experience that delights users and drives conversions.

Watch this discussion and learn how to get the most out of your organic channels through:

  • Leveraging Your Mobile Website Using Deep-Linked Smart Banners
  • Creating a Solid Re-engagement Strategy to Retain Lapsed Users
  • Optimizing Email for Mobile


Simon Baptist | Branch

Director of Business Development

Magith Noohukhan | Braze

Product Evangelist

Mariano Carrica | WorldRemit

Senior Growth Marketing Manager

Ridwan Alli | Seera Group

Digital Customer Engagement & Retention Manager