The Branch Guide to eCommerce App Success & Increasing Mobile Revenue

If you’re a marketer or PM at an eCommerce company, it’s likely you have one, top-tier goal that dominates the conversation day in and day out: revenue. It’s the metric that gives businesses life and keeps them healthy enough to experience long-term growth. And whether you’re a century old retailer, a modern tech giant, or a startup that’s recently launched, mobile is the place where your customers are increasingly spending their time and money: 

1. According to the latest Criteo mobile commerce report, mobile apps convert 3x better than the mobile web browser with a 2x retention rate.

2. App users are 18x more loyal than mobile web browsers.

3. Internet Retailer’s Mobile 500 report shows that the top 100 retailers with apps have an average repeat shopper rate of 47.96% compared with the average 37.48%.


These numbers reflect the shifting tide that many eCommerce companies sense amongst their customers. That not only are customers using mobile, they are utilizing mobile apps and converting at a higher rate. This can be attributed to a few factors, but brands that are seeing the most success have proactively improved the user experience for their mobile customers. If traditional channels like email, search, social, and paid channels aren’t optimized for mobile, there will be significant dropoff for marketers trying to drive revenue.

How to Effectively Increasing Mobile eCommerce Revenue

In order to create this optimized mobile user experience, there are a few steps that brands can take to alleviate the friction that currently exists. Friction that can cause consumers to drop off before a purchase or even uninstall your app because the experience wasn’t cohesive.

We put together an all-encompassing Branch guide to improving this user experience and how to increase revenue from mobile users. The guide also features a checklist and various tips for combatting broken links on mobile:

Unlock Your Mobile Website

Your mobile website is most likely the number one driver of app installs that you didn’t know about. The potential to leverage your web pages that rank high for SEO and get a lot of traffic is greater than ever. With half of Google searches taking place on a mobile device, it’s paramount for eCommerce brands to focus on driving mobile web visitors to their mobile app where customers convert more often and spend more.

Connect Email Campaigns to Your Mobile App

Do your emails link to your mobile app on all occasions? From every email client? Deep linking your emails can drastically improve revenue growth for any business. In fact, our research shows that marketers are leaving $4,000 in revenue on the table for every 1 million emails they send without deep linking. If the app isn’t installed, deep links will fall back to the mobile web where a user is then presented with a web-to-app banner. Thus creating a cohesive experience for anyone looking for a superior user experience.

Paid SEM: Boost ROI from AdWord Campaigns

Paid campaigns are one of the highest drivers for eCommerce mobile growth. When HotelTonight used deep links in their AdWords campaign, they saw an 18% increase in install to booking conversion rate. They drive users to the right content inside of the app with as few steps as possible – at the right time – and ultimately lead to more conversions.

Drive App Install and Engagement from Your Social Media Feed

The emergence of social media in our digital world has created entirely new marketing departments inside of eCommerce companies. These networks allow marketers to reach their customers at any moment, which is why it’s so important to deep link inside of an eCommerce mobile app from the various social medias. As we’ve discussed, apps convert higher and provide a better user experience. GOAT, a shoe marketplace, effectively uses deep links off of Twitter to drive users directly inside their app to a specific pair of shoes. Thus, eliminating many of the steps usually necessary to get the best user experience.

To get the full checklist, download the full Branch Guide to eCommerce App Success & Increasing Mobile Revenue.