The 2018 Product Manager’s Guide to Cross-Platform Onboarding Experiences

To view a more up-to-date version of this white paper, see The 2023 Product Leader’s Guide to Cross-Platform Onboarding Experiences

Onboarding experiences often determine whether or not an app will succeed and generate ROI or retreat to the digital dustbin.  For product managers, winning this high-stakes game requires a unique set of strategic and tactical tradeoffs. We want to help you maximize each.

Today we’re happy to share a new white paper, The Product Manager’s Guide to Cross-Platform Onboarding Experiences.  In it, we explore field-tested approaches to capitalizing on every onboarding opportunity and earning the love, referrals, and $$ that result.  

What’s Inside:
  • A summary of the decisive moments that play the biggest role in the success of cross-platform onboarding.  As user journeys have evolved from single-touchpoint to complex, cross-platform interactions, the ability to isolate and deliver high-impact onboarding sequences can be the difference between an install and an impasse.  We evaluate the first impressions that leading product managers use as springboards for deeper engagement. When considering that the average mobile app loses 71% of its users within one day after they download, 90% after one month, and 96% after three months, the importance of delivering effective ‘firsts’ cannot be overstated.  
  • An evaluation of the strategic choices pivotal to landing interrelated web, app, and email experiences that translate to effective onboarding.  Product managers must strike a balance between optimizing for scalability while at the same time providing the flexibility users demand.  By using the power of deep linking technology to eliminate friction and present users with onboarding options, product managers increase the probability that installs become satisfied customers.
  • Proven tactics for welcoming, educating, and generating user satisfaction through the power of modern linking, attribution, and analytics technology.  Successful product managers outshine the competition by onboarding users as quickly as possible.  From establishing seamless handoffs to personalizing interactions and respecting user preferences, tactical advantages can become big contributors to LTV. In the white paper, we show you how.

Throughout The Product Manager’s Guide to Cross-Platform Onboarding, we showcase experiences designed to connect users to the content they need regardless of platform entry point or destination.  We also share a range of data-driven insights, as well as examples of how product managers are leveraging mobile linking technology to accomplish their goals.  

Download your copy today and start making the most of your app’s onboarding opportunities.       

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