Introducing the New Branch Developer Portal for Better Deep Linking

We’re excited to launch the new Branch Developer Portal.  As we’ve continued to release new features and update the docs with answers to commonly asked questions, it became clear that our developer portal needed an upgrade. The entire portal has been redesigned to make integrating Branch far easier. 

The new site features:

  • Efficient navigation
  • Improved content and page format
  • Helpful, relevant information
  • An open source repo on GitHub
Efficient Navigation

Landing pages, a drillable sidebar, and an integrated search function help you find what you need quickly.

Branch Documentation PortalSidebar Navigation on Branch Dev Portal

Improved Content and Page Format

Content has been thoroughly revised with image and code examples for every platform. Feature pages contain an overview, a guide with numbered implementation steps, optional advanced information for more technical users, and support FAQs.

Branch Dev Portal FAQ

Helpful, Relevant Details

You’ll find useful tips, cautions, and examples to help you nail your implementation. Any prerequisites are clearly shown at the top of each page.

Branch Dev Portal Caution

Find the Source on GitHub

The entire website is an open source repo on GitHub. Feel free to make pull requests or just take a look if you want to see how we did something.

Next Up

We’re excited to share this new portal with you, but we know it’s not perfect yet. Please send any suggestions, corrections, or content requests to our support team — we always want to hear from you.

P.S. Stay tuned! We have an exciting new API reference coming soon…