Announcing Deep Linking and Attribution for Desktop Apps

Part of being the leader in cross-platform linking and attribution means innovating to support the various platforms upon which users engage. The first walled garden we helped you tackle: mobile apps. Then came measuring website and mobile app holistically. Now, Branch is excited to help you unlock another frontier: native desktop apps.

native desktop apps


If you’re reading this, you’ve likely experienced one or both of the challenges associated with native desktop apps: 1) linking into specific desktop app content from digital touchpoints 2) attributing activity that occurs when a user ends up in a native desktop app. The best in class apps have invested time, money, and resources to solve for these challenges, and even their experiences sometimes break. By working closely with leading brands around the world, Branch has recognized this need, and we are committed to making desktop app linking as seamless as we’ve made it on mobile.  

With Branch’s native desktop SDKs for MacOS and Windows, you will be able to get accurate attribution and seamless deep linking across desktop and mobile for users engaging with your desktop apps. 

This capability is brand new in the industry, which means you have an opportunity to leverage Branch to increase engagement within desktop apps, cross-promote to single platform users, and get unprecedented insights into desktop app activity. 

Platform values (MacOS or Windows App) will be indicated in Desktop data, which you can easily view in the Branch dashboard under Ads Activity/Cohort Analytics or Source.

Our SDKs for MacOS and Windows serve as the foundation for the first of a number of new platforms Branch plans to support. We can’t wait for you to experience this new capability! Feel free to contact our sales team to find out more.