The Fundamentals of Mobile Growth Marketing: Activation and Retention

How do you ensure the users you acquire bring value to your business? How do you reduce dropoff and revive churned users? What constitutes ‘good’ retention?

In this whitepaper, we explore activation and retention strategies that improve user lifetime value, retention, and engagement to help your overall growth efforts. Based on the sold-out Stanford BUS 257 taught by Branch co-founder and Head of Marketing Mada Seghete and Graphite CEO Ethan Smith, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of the “Aha” moment and how to let users easily find it
  • How to choose ‘good’ retention benchmarks
  • Onboarding tips for better activation
  • The importance of a north star metric
  • Engagement and retention strategies to keep users coming back for more
  • Common reasons users drop off, and how to resurrect them

Ready to say goodbye to churn and hello to higher LTV and retention? Download the whitepaper today.

Discover techniques to transform your acquired users into active users that bring high value to your business.

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