Unlocking the power of Data-Driven Marketing in 2023

Thursday, March 9, 2023


Struggling with data overload? In this rapidly changing landscape, being data-driven in your marketing strategies doesn’t have to be hard.

Join experts from Branch and M&C Saatchi Performance as we explore what it means to be truly “data-driven” in today’s world – and how this could change in the future. We’ll share strategies on creating your own reliable ‘Source of Truth’ along with up-and-coming measurement methods to get the most value out of your data as possible.


Sam Edwards

Product Marketing Manager at Branch

Sam joins Branch as a Product Marketing Manager, bringing extensive domain and industry knowledge from her technical experience over the last decade. She has helped countless teams bring products to market, and has designed seamless user experiences with accurate, reliable measurement.  Currently, she is focused on customer education, driving core product value, generating unique messaging, and creating compelling stories.

Dane Buchanan headshot
Dane Buchanan

Global Director of Analytics, Data & Tech at M&C Saatchi Performance

Dane leads the Global Data & Analytics offering at M&C Saatchi Performance, using advanced analytics and data science techniques to help clients effectively measure, and optimize their media activity. Dane’s strength is in simplifying the complex and helping our clients build holistic measurement frameworks that provide ‘a single source’ of truth for their media performance.