The Customer Journey at the Intersection of Deep Linking and Insights – Fireside Chat with Shipt

As customer journeys become more complex, so too does meaningful data analysis. Mapping customer interactions can be overwhelming, with increasing pressure to deliver a seamless experience and accelerate expectations.

Join this webinar featuring Shipt to learn how they are leveraging Branch and Amplitude to drive mobile app re-engagement and how that is achieved through deep linking to improve the customer journey.

Join us to learn:

  • Why deep linking is even more important than ever now for improved customer experiences
  • How Shipt leveraged Branch’s deep links and Amplitude’s insights
  • How Branch and Amplitude partner together to help customers deliver a seamless experience


Cat Perez | Amplitude

Cat Perez is a Strategic Partnerships Manager at Amplitude, managing Amplitude’s technology partners. Prior to Amplitude, Cat worked at Branch, a mobile attribution company, in a number of different capacities and had the opportunity to manage the partnership between Amplitude and Branch. Outside of work, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, family and her dog or playing basketball. She holds a BA in Public Relations from Auburn University (War Eagle!) and a Master’s in Sports Management from the University of San Francisco.

Andrew Abrahm | Branch

Andrew Abrahm helps foster BD Partnerships for Branch Metrics. Focused mainly on AdTech ecosystem partnerships, Andrew’s expertise is in leveraging mutually beneficial relationships to Branch, the partner, and most importantly mutual customers. With 8+ years of global AdTech experience working across entrepreneurial start-ups and large media company environments, Andrew helps the organization make sense of all the complex moving parts of the ecosystem.

Jenny Fang | Shipt

Jenny Fang is a Product Manager at Shipt, a national same-day delivery marketplace transforming the online shopping experience to give time back to consumers. She has a breadth of experience in elevating the user experience through continuous experimentation to drive engagement and retention. Inside and outside of work, she’s often working her creative muscles, thinking about how to do things differently to cultivate a stronger community and better serve those around her, the company, and herself.

David Gullatte | Shipt

David Gullatte is a Product Manager who has spent the last 3 years optimizing Acquisition, Activation, and other Top of Funnel efforts at Shipt. When he’s not staring at user journeys and funnel analyses, he enjoys playing guitar, building furniture, working out, and cooking.