Thursday, June 27, 2024

11:30 am - 12:00 pm PDT

In this episode of TechTalks, Jake Richardson, Global Head of CTV Strategy at Moloco joins us to discuss the connected TV (CTV) advertising landscape! Tune in to hear answers to the most frequently asked questions about CTV, and how to effectively leverage CTV ads to scale your brand awareness campaigns.

We’ll cover:

  • Why CTV is the fastest-growing space in digital media and how marketers might be missing out
  • Best practices to maximize ad spend
  • How to make actionable items for retargeting campaigns more relevant

New to CTV advertising? Check out our interview with Moloco, “How To Make CTV Advertising Work for Your Brand” for an overview of the essentials. 





Adam Landis

Head of Growth @ Branch

Adam Landis is the Founder & CEO of AdLibertas, a mobile app data platform purchased by Branch late last year. At Branch he serves as Head of Growth, where his deep experience in mobile advertising and data help us innovate our measurement products to help our customers measure marketing performance in an increasingly difficult ecosystem.

Jake Richardson

Global Head of CTV Strategy @ Moloco

Jake Richardson joined Moloco in 2023 as the Head of Connected TV at Moloco, where he leads supply, demand and product partnerships for the emerging performance CTV channel. He works with publishers, exchanges, data partners and advertisers across the ecosystem to drive middle and bottom funnel outcomes on the big screen. Prior to Moloco, Jake spent the previous five years managing publisher and exchange partnerships at The Trade Desk. He entered the world of tech after a few years spent as a self described “subpar attorney.” In his spare time he enjoys playing surfing, fishing and playing above par golf.