Retargeting Done Right: A Look into Creative Success with Shipt, Remerge, and Branch

The most successful paid and organic user acquisition strategies mean nothing if you don’t follow them up with effective retargeting and re-engagement. Today’s leading digital brands are leveraging creative to deliver personalized, seamless experiences that drive engagement and ROI in retargeting campaigns.

In this on-demand webinar with Remerge, we’ll be joined by Abby Patton, Growth Marketing Specialist at Shipt to discuss:

  • The role of creative in building successful retargeting campaigns
  • Why delivering the right message to the right user at the right time is critical
  • The importance of providing a seamless user experience on mobile
  • How Shipt mastered this crucial part of the user experience to drive app growth and ROI with Branch and Remerge

Join us for Retargeting Done Right: A look into Creative Success. Watch today!


Abby Patton | Shipt

Growth Marketing Specialist

In her role as Growth Marketing Specialist at Shipt, Abby leads their mobile user acquisition through app store optimization, Apple search ads, and programmatic advertising.

Maria Lannon | Remerge

Director of Account Management

As the Director of Account Management at Remerge, Maria focuses on collaborating with marketers across many different verticals to achieve, and exceed, performance goals for their businesses.

Michelle Lerner | Branch

Director of Business Development

Michelle brings 11 years of partnership experience to Branch and is particularly passionate about cultivating strategic and meaningful relationships with ads partners. She’s a California transplant, a marathoner, and dog mom to rescue pup Maurice.