Head of Lifecycle Marketing @ Calm: Sue Cho – Generating Power Users with Data & Email

Today we’re joined by Sue Cho, who has been the Head of Lifecycle Marketing at Calm for 3 years. For over a decade, Sue has focused on all their engagement, retention, and conversion. In this episode, Sue talks about everything from career advice, her current work at Calm, her vision for the team, and her badass dog Lizzy.

Sue starts by telling us about her radical decision to move to the mountains, how the lockdown period was great for Calm’s business and how it suited her personality.

She shares her accidental journey into the world of email marketing and how she found her community in this job. Sue advocates embracing a data-driven approach, especially when it comes to matters of subjective opinion.

At Calm, Sue emphasizes finding the right metrics that move the needle on business goals and giving Calm’s users a consistent experience regardless of the platform they come in from.

She also highlights an interesting challenge that she’s working on that, if executed well, would help them avoid Apple and Google conversion taxes.

She talks about her team and provides insightful advice for email marketers to improve email open rates and even share a cool exercise for this.

Sue describes her process for activating new users and converting them into power users through gentle yet personalized reminders.

Sue also shares how she developed authority in her field with a combination of her Asian-American values of hard work and perseverance, her opinionated nature, and a data-driven approach to her work.

Her entrepreneurial attitude shines through as she talks about why she started the San Francisco chapter of the Email Geek’s club. In the rapid-fire round, Sue shares the one app she would never delete from her phone, an animal she would love to talk to, her badass dog Lizzy, and the most unlikely app on her phone.