Branch Announces Universal Email Partnership with Eight New Email Service Providers to Enhance Email Marketing Performance on Mobile

Email marketing professionals can now easily leverage deep links through any of these Email Service Providers to drive mobile growth and consumer engagement with comprehensive attribution data to optimize campaign performance.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 30, 2017 – Branch (, the linking infrastructure for the world’s best apps, today announced product partnership of its Deep Linked Email solution with eight new Email Services Providers (ESPs). These ESPs include Blueshift, Epsilon, Mailjet, Mailgun, PostUp, Sailthru, Vero, and Zeta Global, as well as significant improvements to the onboarding experience for existing partners such as the Oracle Responsys and SendGrid.

Through these new partnerships, Branch’s Deep Linked Email solution solves critical challenges for email marketing professionals in the mobile age such as the ability to use email campaigns to drive growth and revenue from native apps, where the conversion rate is 300% higher than mobile web. Deep Linked Email also provides full attribution of all click and related downstream events from both web and app.

With Branch’s Deep Linked Email, marketers can initiate personalized user experiences from email campaign clicks and intelligently route consumers to the optimal platform to complete the remaining flow — to the app when they have it, the mobile web when they don’t, or the desktop web if on a desktop device. With email marketing powered by Branch links, marketers will also have the ability to maintain context from email campaigns to the app post-install and post-onboarding, while capturing all conversion events and revenue impact downstream of an email click from any campaign.

“Email is one of the most long-standing digital marketing channels, and still remains the most effective way for companies to reconnect with an engaged audience. Unfortunately, this critical channel never made the leap to mobile when native apps became the dominant and preferred platform,” said Alex Austin, CEO and co-founder of Branch. “We’re very excited to be partnering with many of the leading email service providers to bring email to the modern mobile era.”

Innovative mobile brands such as Boxed, Instacart, Tradesy and more all rely on Branch links to power email marketing campaigns to create better mobile user flows and to drive growth and engagement from end customers.

“Branch links power our email campaigns announcing new products or deals, sending a huge segment of our mobile users into the native app, where there’s an order of magnitude higher purchase rate than on mobile web,” said William Fong, co-founder of Boxed, the leading wholesale retailer. “Beyond the dramatic lift in email performance, Branch also supports click-to-purchase tracking across desktop, mobile web and native app, so that we finally have unprecedented visibility. It’s been a crucial part of our mobile stack.”

Industry analysts also see this as a welcoming sign for email service providers.

“Mobile devices have increasingly become the preferred platform among consumers to access emails,” said David Daniels, CEO & founder of The Relevancy Group. “Adding mobile-essential capabilities such as deep linking into the app is a great sign from ESPs in their efforts to enable email marketing professionals to better serve the mobile consumers with comprehensive attribution data that ties into the enterprise digital channel mix and certainly something that’s been long awaited.”

Partnering email service providers are excited to embrace the new mobile trends and incorporate important capabilities to empower marketers to create better mobile experiences through emails.

“We’re excited to partner with Branch to offer deep linking through ZetaHub. Branch is the leader in the mobile linking space and we believe this new capability will enable our clients to build email marketing campaigns that deliver better user experiences to consumers and business results for our clients,” said Steven Gerber, President and COO of Zeta Global.

“Our partnership with Branch enables the modern marketer to deliver AI-based personalization throughout the entire customer journey across every channel,” says Blueshift CEO and co-founder Vijay Chittoor. “Consumers will benefit with a frictionless, seamless personalized experience on every device, leading to increased loyalty, higher satisfaction, and greater repeat engagement.”

“The Branch partnership with Mailgun is an exciting development. Branch makes it easy to improve the customer experience by providing mobile end users with an optimal native experience and giving product and marketing teams real insights by tracking these interactions,” said Chris Hexton, CEO and co-founder of Vero. “As a long-term Mailgun partner, we are excited for the new capabilities and the opportunities to work with our mutual clients to deliver better customer experiences. We’ve got clients who have been looking forward to this integration for some time, and we’re very excited to finally be able to deliver the services to them.”

Branch Deep Linked Email is immediately available through any of the eight new ESP partners and all existing partners, including Oracle Responsys and SendGrid. To learn more, please visit the following web pages:

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