UX Insights with cure.fit: Crafting User Experiences for Enhanced Discoverability & Engagement on Mobile

cure.fit is a true trailblazer in the Health & Fitness industry. The brand has redefined the approach to fitness through a range of holistic offerings that include fitness and yoga, healthy meals, mental well-being, and primary care. 

A considerable part of cure.fit’s success has been its team’s focus on leveraging tech to create access to fitness, all while providing experiences to delight users.

With a global pandemic escalating, their team’s commitment and agility to maintain alignment to their vision were remarkable. As the lockdown became a part of our new normal, the cure.fit team focused on the app to ensure users can access and engage with fitness  programs without the frustration of broken user experiences on mobile. 

From curated wellness workouts to masterclasses with the world’s top fitness icons & celebrities such as AB de Villiers, Jonty Rhodes, Lauren Gottlieb, and many others, the cure.fit app reinvented fitness programs for our new schedules. 

With pre-COVID installs as the benchmark, cure.fit’s app growth experienced a minor slump as a result of the lockdown but made a quick comeback with a remarkable increase in installs in the following months.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways cure.fit ensures its users have a seamless experience every time they interact with the brand — all from the comfort of their homes!


cure.fit leverages Branch’s linking infrastructure to guide its users into the app regardless of where they discover it. 


With Branch links in the majority of their ad campaigns, cure.fit ensures their users are taken straight into specific content tied to the CTA.

Referrals & Sharing

Inviting your friends to use cure.fit is as simple as a tap of a button. From the perspective of existing users, the UI/UX has been carefully crafted to make referring hassle-free with a design that encourages referrals and an experience that ensures success. 

For the referred user, the experience is personalised by design.



Social media posts across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter allow users to be deep linked to specific content inside the app.



cure.fit sends personalized messages at scale to make sure each user gets a contextual message based on the device used.

Stitching offline to online
QR Codes

Outside of digital campaigns, cure.fit leverages Branch-powered QR codes to drive users to the app from offline environments where a quick scan enables users to transition from offline sources to content inside the app.

After ensuring cross-platform user experiences, cure.fit measures their marketing efforts using Branch’s attribution solution to connect touchpoints from every channel with conversions on any platform.

For a timeframe of two months starting August 2020, 46.6% of all app installs for cure.fit were driven by Branch powered digital experiences.

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