Tracking Revenue Across Campaigns, Channels, Platforms and Links

Branch is dedicated to helping marketers and developers understand and engage with their users. Right now, we already allow partners to see user actions taken after clicking Branch links via Source Analytics. These insights from Source Analytics provides a deep dive into which features, campaigns, and channels are resulting in the most conversions (e.g. signups, purchases). Now, we are taking this a step further and allowing you to track revenue data — down to the link level — with Branch.

Using Revenue Analytics for Improved Marketing Insights

Brands can now see revenue information across campaigns, channels, and platforms. You can even see revenue information for individual marketing links. For example, you can see which daily or weekly email blasts are resulting in the most purchases by visiting the Quick Links page.

Revenue AnalyticsYou can see the same information on the Source Analytics page, with filtering and comparisons by campaign, channel, feature, and tags. You can also see which revenue is coming from:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile web
  • Native apps

Here are few questions that you can now answer:

  • How much revenue is attributed to users who came into your app via a Quick Link last week?
  • Do your social media posts have the highest returns on iOS in app or on mobile web?
  • When users click links in your weekly email blast, do they then make purchases on web or even in app? Are users spending more on desktop, mobile web, or native app?
  • Which channel is resulting in the most total revenue: email, Facebook organic posts, or Facebook ads?
  • How much revenue is driven collectively by many links that have been shared for one campaign?

App Analytics

Using Revenue Data to Segment Web Banner Audiences

This also means that you can target high-value users with Journeys. Specifically, you can target users based on the cumulative revenue of each of their purchases:

Journeys Analytics

This last web banner feature is currently being tested and will be released as soon as it’s ready.

To get access to revenue analytics and this advanced Journey Audience Filter, you simply need to start tracking e-commerce events. Tracking e-commerce events with Branch is as simple as using one SDK method.

New to Branch and want to start measuring revenue across all of your channels and platforms? Sign up on our dashboard to get started.