The Ultimate Holiday Season Mobile Growth Guide for eCommerce Apps

The holiday season may truly be the most wonderful time of the year, but—for many eCommerce brands and apps—it’s also the most successful. Statista reports a total U.S. holiday season retail spend of $80.22 billion, and Digital Commerce 360 reports a total annual U.S. retail spend of $394.86 billion. This means that the 31 days encompassing last year’s holiday season delivered over a fifth of last year’s total U.S. retail spend.

Most (if not all) digital marketing professionals today are in agreement that mobile apps provide superior user experiences—and deliver superior rates of user engagement, retention, and conversion in return. It’s also increasingly clear that maintaining these superior mobile experiences between holiday seasons is critical to mobile success. In the wake of 2016’s holiday season, Apple shared that New Year’s Day 2017 broke the record for the App Store’s busiest day ever, with over $240 million recorded in purchases. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that data aggregated in our eBook Web vs. App suggests mobile app usage and ROI—rather than mobile web usage and ROI—have consistently been on the rise since 2014.

The quest to dominate the mobile eCommerce ecosystem clearly begins with prioritizing mobile user acquisition, activation, engagement, and conversion during the holiday season—but how do you start delivering compelling and cohesive mobile experiences to your holiday shoppers? Our Ultimate Holiday Season Mobile Growth Guide for eCommerce Apps covers the steps to success—from analyzing past data and optimizing your web content and mobile app to using your web and SEO content to convert mobile app users.

Specifically, our Ultimate Holiday Season Mobile Growth Guide for eCommerce Apps includes:

  • Current state of Holiday Season eCommerce performance
  • In-app and out-of-app optimization methods specifically for the Holiday Season
  • Four-pronged plan for preparing and achieving Holiday Season success

Download the guide today to ensure you’re optimizing your eCommerce app this holiday season!