SEO Teams: Drive and Report on Mobile Impact with Branch

SEO teams, we understand you have a lot on your plate:

  • Navigating Google search page layout changes
  • Collaborating cross-functionally to optimize your site
  • Working to get your best content featured prominently 

But you may have also faced another challenge when it comes to balancing user experiences and analytics. When you turn on deep linking from mobile search to your app, you lose key attribution insights. 

The SEO Dilemma: Experience vs. Attribution

Phones showing possible routing when clicking from organic search

Should you turn on deep linking from SEO into the app or not? You may have encountered this dilemma first hand.

If you choose to optimize the user experience by turning on deep linking to the app, you won’t be able to attribute those in-app actions back to the SEO source. Since most organic search occurs on mobile, that’s a significant portion of your credit and insight that you’re unable to report. 

If you make the call to optimize for attribution, app users will remain on the mobile web. By sending users to a platform that is less optimized for conversions and engagement than the app, you’re not only delivering an inferior user experience but also missing out on revenue potential. 

The mobile app advantage

Apps drive more value than the mobile web, considering app users have higher engagement, conversion, and LTV rates than their mobile web counterparts. Contrary to the mobile web, your app also provides a superior user experience. Users are logged in, their credentials and payment information are saved, they’re able to save their place and easily share with friends, all without the bombardment of cookie preferences and pop-ups on the mobile web. Whether you’re a commerce brand with clear revenue goals or a publisher with session, engagement, and ad consumption goals, the app is more effective in driving these actions that matter. 

Branch has the solution 

SEO teams no longer have to choose between driving a better user experience and attributing SEO efforts on mobile. Branch’s SEO App Attribution solution lets you attribute down-funnel app events like registrations, subscriptions, purchases, time spent, and revenue back to the search engine that sourced the app session. This provides new session-level data tied back to the specific domain and URL that drove it, opening a window to SEO performance for a better understanding of SEO’s value.

Optimization flow visualized in phones with Branch's SEO App Attribution

Early adopters have seen that an average of 20% of app traffic is coming from SEO. This means 20% of the traffic that has historically been misattributed is now being correctly attributed to SEO. 

You can pipe this data into existing tools or view SEO App Attribution, compared to other channels, right in the Branch dashboard. 

Gif of Branch dashboard for SEO App Attribution

Your marketing leaders will be happy, too, because this will unlock new cross-channel insights and lead to a more accurate understanding of overall marketing efforts. 

The best part is, all you have to do is set up Universal Links/App Links, register your website domain, and begin unlocking this channel’s attribution — all while delivering a seamless mobile experience to meet rising customer expectations. 

Acquire and attribute new app users from SEO

Looking to take your efforts to the next level? When coupled with Journeys, Branch’s SEO App Attribution can help drive app adoption from organic search. Users without the app installed will be routed to the relevant content on your mobile website. A Journeys smart banner can contextually target the web visitor to convert them into an app user, and Branch banners can be set up to pass attribution through to the original SEO traffic.

Flows across web and app visualized in phones

Our customers are excited about driving incremental installs, improving conversion rates, and increasing revenue from Organic Search with session specific web-to-app CTAs. 

This first-of-its kind solution is filling an important gap for SEO teams, and we’re excited to speak with each of you. Let’s discuss your goals and how we can help you maximize SEO on mobile without sacrificing the data you need to prove its value. We want to help you continue optimizing to drive more revenue and engagement from your site’s content. 

Contact your account team or reach out to Branch sales to start recouping this data, while delivering a superior experience for your mobile users.