Redefining Our Customer-focused Approach to Better Serve Our Customers and Community

Since we set out on this journey over eight years ago, the mobile ecosystem has evolved dramatically. Through all that change, there’s been only one consistent truth: the platforms continue to make it more difficult for businesses and users to connect. The walls of the gardens, especially in mobile, continue to grow higher and thicker.

Branch’s mission to break down the walled gardens and help brands grow on mobile is more important than ever. We’ve made tremendous progress with over 400B links created, that help billions of users to easily get to the content they want in the apps they love, every day. Despite how impactful Branch has been, we continue to look forward, and we see so much opportunity to help build better customer connections.

As we consider the future, the first place we look is to you, our customers and partners. Over the course of the last year, we’ve asked you to fill out over four different surveys to better understand how we can better support you. The message was clear: better customer consulting and more dedicated technical support.

With this in mind, we’re going to be revamping Branch’s customer relationship organization, with an eye towards more dedicated technical support and consulting. We’re introducing the concept of the “technical account manager” to Branch and they will be able to guide you through the tumultuous changes happening in the mobile ecosystem today. 

Additionally, we’re investing heavily in our technical services offerings. We’ve found that sometimes you might need much more involved support, with an expert who can deeply embed with your team to ensure successful project execution. You’ll be hearing much more about the opportunities for this level of service over the next year.

Lastly, outside of the human touch, we understand the importance of self-service and scalable software. We’ve grown our software development organization dramatically with an eye towards staying ahead of the constant change in the ecosystem and arming you with the right tools to adapt to the change. We’re also tripling our investment in our teams dedicated to customer education and documentation.

We’re confident that this is the right model to ensure you stay up to date, both with knowledge and technology.

That said, part of this change is a restructuring that forces us to part ways with some of the fantastic team members who helped bring Branch to where we are today. These are loyal, caring, and hardworking individuals that we were unable to find places for in the new structure. We thank them for their contribution and are doing everything we can to help them with a smooth transition to their next role.

I’m more excited than ever about the things we will do together in 2023. Ecosystem change brings opportunity, and Branch is well capitalized and now better structured to help you capture it. Let’s tear down those walls.