Power 100 by Awin Recognizes Branch in Outsourcing Innovation Category

Branch is excited to announce we’ve been named a Power 100 affiliate partner by Awin, an open marketplace for businesses to manage any type of online partnership for more sales and revenue. Branch was selected as one of 100 featured affiliate partners amongst 240,000 in over 35 countries across TikTok creators, price comparison sites, niche bloggers, global media powerhouses, cutting-edge technologies, FinTech pioneers, and brands.

Branch’s inclusion in the outsourcing innovation category highlights us as a technology Awin identified as helping businesses enhance their ecommerce offerings by removing the burden to develop tech in-house. We are proud to have been selected by a panel of Awin experts for our innovation and for pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a partner in the affiliate channel.

“With several hundred thousand partners on our platform, selecting just 100 of the most innovative and unique partners for the industry-first Power 100 list wasn’t easy,” says Adam Ross, CEO of Awin. “Our panel of experts have collated an incredibly impressive catalogue of the leading technologies that are collectively changing how brands, marketers and consumers perceive the value of affiliate and partner marketing. The Power 100 partners represent the adaptability and scope of the industry – we hope every partner featured is as excited as we are to shine a well-deserved spotlight on the value they offer to brands looking for untapped opportunities to reach consumers.”

When looking more closely at how the Awin and Branch partnership delivers value, there are some fundamental differences in our integration because of the mobile linking foundation it has been built on. These include:

Dynamic linking to every app page/category through Awin + Branch links. This functionality ensures users are only ever linked to the specific product page that the publisher had been promoting rather than linking them to the app’s homepage and disrupting the user journey. 

Complex commission structure enabled with dynamic postbacks from app purchases. Setting product-level tracking for app performance, Branch is uniquely capable of offering dynamic postbacks of this nature. Enabling better transparency and insights for the Awin team, publishers, and advertisers.

Automated linking feed to remove any additional work from the publisher. This workflow is completely automated from the publisher’s point of view. There is no impact to web users, as they are sent to the mobile site as usual via the same link to retain a high-level customer experience

“This is the latest in the line of accolades for the Awin and Branch partnership, including our joint work for The Boohoo Group being recognised as one of the Best Affiliate Marketing Innovations in 2021 by the Performance Marketing Awards,” said Rahul Shah, Senior Vice President, Sales and Customer Success. “Obviously, it’s incredible to achieve these milestones but these are only possible because of the value we deliver for customers, like the fact that our customers typically unlock over 75% of increased cross-channel revenue from their affiliate channel when working with Awin and Branch.”  

Keen to learn more about why Branch was included in the Awin Power 100 as one of the leading technology partnerships across affiliate and partner marketing? Make sure to download our white paper or request a demo.