Partner Story: IRL – How the Right UX Can Create Real Human Connections

We enjoy sharing our partners’ mobile growth tips and insights, in the form of growth stories. Earlier this year, we brought you Raken Director of Marketing Evan Barry’s “5 Best Practices to Maximize Organic Traffic & Boost App Installs“, and now we’re pleased to share Mircea Baldean’s strategy for optimizing UX and user onboarding while enhancing cross-platform attribution.

Mircea Baldean is the Founder & CEO of MeetVibe Inc., a mobile company using phone-to-phone technology to maximize networking opportunities. Mircea recently shared how MeetVibe uses Branch to streamline user onboarding and user experience while optimizing mobile app install strategy with Branch’s attribution offerings. If you’re intrigued, take a look at the following excerpt from his article “IRL: How the Right UX Can Create Real Human Connections“:

With Branch, our initial use case centered around deep linking for great user experience, but the benefits have gone much further. As we continue to work in the event space, we need greater insights into our users for our own purposes, but also to prove the value to our event partners.

When you think about traditional marketing, like TV commercials, how does Amazon know that spending five million dollars on their Super Bowl ad will work, and how do they quantify that? They may see some halo effect over time, but getting immediate results is nearly impossible.

But the app space is different. In our instance, when we operate digitally and we know the journey starts and ends in a digital fashion, we should instantly have the analytics to see the adoption rate of the app and every detail that entails. With Branch, we can gauge and measure all of our interaction touch points, across all of the channels and all of the platforms that encompasses the user experience.

Check out the full article from Mircea to learn how deep linking and cross-channel, cross-platform attribution can turn a great idea into an incredible business.