How GoMechanic’s Strategic Partnership With Branch Helped Them Drive a 137% Increase in Orders

GoMechanic is India’s first startup that operates a network of technology-enabled automobile service centers. It is the first and the only player in an unorganized automobile service market. Present in 29+ cities, GoMechanic has cemented its position as the indisputable market leader in the auto aftermarket ecosystem. 

Aiming to provide a complete car solution ecosystem to its users, the GoMechanic app offers 200+ services across 12 different categories. To further amplify its presence in the market and drive users, GoMechanic has expanded its service offerings beyond car service to different verticals like spares and accessories. They recently launched On-Board Diagnostics, GoMechanic Miles (an annual membership), and new customized services to enhance the driving experience for its users. 

A key differentiator for GoMechanic’s growth strategy is that they have been quick to optimize for mobile, ensuring they offer an easy and convenient way for users to make purchases online. With over 1 million downloads on the play store with a 4.7+ rating, GoMechanic is laser-focused on its mobile app conversions. 

Using Branch’s deep linking and attribution solutions across its multichannel strategy that includes web, social media, emails, SMS, and even print media, GoMechanic drives user engagement and acquisition to its mobile app. 

Being able to maintain a higher lifetime value (LTV) to customer acquisition cost (CAC) ratio was indeed a pain point for GoMechanic. Their customers have multiple options to cross-check both service quality and pricing, meaning it is not just a direct purchase flow and the drop-offs are higher. Simply put, there was significant cart abandonment that needed to be tracked and fixed. 

Also, unlike with any other e-commerce platform, the customer plans the car service far in advance. After the initial purchase (first service), the second service duration (repeat purchase) is much longer. If a user was making only a single purchase, the CAC wasn’t justified. 

By leveraging Branch’s suite of products, the GoMechanic team is able to deliver a flawless user experience to customers, thereby increasing user app engagement and acquisition. 

For instance, using deep link-powered notifications to users who were abandoning their carts, GoMechanic was able to drive them back to the app and complete their purchase. Overall, they had a 138% increase in orders with doubled MAUs compared to the four months prior to it. Moreover, retention for every cohort is significantly higher.

GoMechanic use cases powered by Branch

Let’s look at some more ways GoMechanic uses Branch’s deep links throughout its marketing channels and customer journey to increase app engagement, user acquisition, and retention. 

Deep linking and attribution for paid ads

GoMechanic leverages paid advertising through platforms such as YouTube, Google, Facebook, affiliates, and other ad networks. To truly understand the impact driven by their ads, GoMechanic uses Branch’s mobile measurement partner (MMP) solution, Universal Ads, to accurately attribute its ad conversions across every channel and device. That way, the team can properly track each app install and conversion back to its true source and campaign that influenced those installs. 

Given today’s cross-platform, complex mobile user journeys, marketers often run the risk of disparate reporting between channels, devices, and even app stores. 

Further, misattribution of conversions can lead to inaccurate conclusions and skewed marketing spending based on a poor understanding of which campaigns and channels are truly successful. 

With Branch’s deep links, GoMechanic can see the full value of their customers by unifying touchpoints across every channel and platform to understand the true ROI. Moreover, they can deliver a frictionless user experience from paid ads.

Example of how GoMechanic uses Branch deep links across its paid media ad campaigns

In the above example, Branch deep links help GoMechanic optimize their campaign by redirecting their users directly inside the same in-app product page from the YouTube campaigns. This not only helps the team increase their campaign’s performance across channels but significantly improves the ad experience for users as well. 

Deep linked referral programs

To boost its organic mobile growth, GoMechanic uses Branch’s mobile linking platform (MLP) solution to power an app referral program that enables customers to invite their friends and family to use the app. For existing GoMechanic users, referring friends is a seamless process. The design encourages referrals while delivering an amazing user experience. 

Users can share a referral code directly through multiple platforms like WhatsApp, SMS, and emails. To further improve the user experience, Branch’s deep linked referrals automatically apply rewards, and both new and existing users see personalized experiences.

Example of how GoMechanic uses Branch deep links for their in-app referral program

By leveraging referrals, GoMechanic efficiently monetizes its existing customer base, drives user acquisition, re-engagement, and organically generates social proof. A clear and straightforward value proposition — “Earn Rs. 750 for every friend you refer” — makes the user instantly notice the cash as an incentive for their referral.

Deep linked WhatsApp engagement

GoMechanic uses Branch’s unique engagement solution to deep link users directly from WhatsApp to their mobile app. By using Branch links, GoMechanic is able to increase user engagement and drive higher conversions. 

Example of how GoMechanic deep links users directly from WhatsApp to their mobile app


In the above example, when a user taps on the call-to-action (CTA) button “Book Today”, they’re taken straight to the GoMechanic app if they have it downloaded already. If they don’t have the app on their mobile, they’re instead redirected to the Play Store to download the app. 

Social media

To tap into a larger audience and drive further organic mobile growth, GoMechanic integrated Branch deep links into their social media handles including Instagram and Facebook. Given both the social platforms are heavily used by consumers to discover new apps and content, it’s a great opportunity to cast a wider net and acquire new users. 

Example of how GoMechanic uses Branch deep links on social media platforms

One of the reasons that makes social media platforms highly lucrative for marketers is the fact that brands can simply create new and engaging content to drive users directly to their mobile app. 

It’s one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to delight users and even encourage user-generated content (UGC) that’ll create some buzz around your brand. GoMechanic consistently creates fun and engaging content for its users across social media platforms to bring them value and educate them about their product. 

To capitalize on their social media audience, GoMechanic uses Branch’s MLP solution to power deep links that drive users directly to content or to the app store if the app is not installed. 

Once a user installs the app, Branch’s deep links direct them back to the specific product content within the app. Safe to say, integrating deep links across social media channels helps improve your brand’s organic growth by offering the best experience for your users. 

GoMechanic uses this attribution channel to increase their levels of engagement, installs, and conversions. The kicker? The team can effectively measure their campaign performance and optimize them further to drive higher user engagement and conversion.

Deep linked promotion emails

GoMechanic also uses Branch’s MLP in emails to create a smooth experience for users, routing them seamlessly from an email directly to the app on their mobile phone. It enables the team to drive user engagement and acquisition from its promotional emails to the relevant in-app content at the right time. 

GoMechanic uses deep linked promotion emails prompting users to download the app

When a user taps on a product link in an email, a Branch deep link brings them to the exact product or product list within the GoMechanic app. By baking in deep links throughout their email campaigns, GoMechanic can attribute every install and down-funnel conversion. Moreover, the team can track every campaign’s performance across desktop, mobile web, or native apps, and compare their email performance with other marketing channels.    

Deep linked SMS campaigns 

GoMechanic relies on Branch’s cross-platform engagement solution to navigate users from SMS directly to specific promos or content inside the GoMechanic app. Discounts positively impact both monetization (ARPU) and retention to boost LTV. They encourage existing app users to engage with the app and give them an additional incentive for purchases. 

By using Branch powered links in their SMS campaigns, the GoMechanic team drives higher user engagement and installs. Here’s how the deep linked SMS campaigns look in action.

Image of a text message displaying a discount

A user receives an SMS with a discount of Rs. 500 on Car Repairs Car Service. When they tap the link, they are automatically directed to the GoMechanic app. 

Push notifications

To help increase its user engagement and retention and maximize the lifetime value (LTV) of its app users, GoMechanic sends personalized push notifications that are tailored to user behavior. 

By leveraging Branch’s deep linking capabilities to link push notifications to specific in-app content and compare the performance of these push notifications with other marketing campaigns, GoMechanic creates a seamless user experience to make it easier and more convenient for users to make a purchase. This not only helps them drive more ROI from push notifications but also maximizes their app user LTV. 

GoMechanic uses in-house predictive analytics to analyze customers’ historical data on various services and predict when they’ll purchase their next car service. Once this is done, the workflow automatically triggers Branch-enabled push notifications for the service updates.

Image of a push notification promoting users to go to a mobile app

In the above example, when a user gets a notification of a car battery and they tap on it, they’re immediately taken to the in-app product page about batteries. The user can then easily browse through the catalog and make a purchase instead of manually looking up batteries after tapping the notification. 

“Push notifications work best when you’re messaging someone about something they really care about. People are far more likely to want status updates about their car health than they are spammy sales messages. By implementing Branch-powered deep links in push notifications we observed a 15% increase in conversions.”

Aakash Goyal, AVP of Marketing, GoMechanic

QR codes

QR codes are highly measurable and a great way to enhance consumer interaction, providing untapped potential for marketers to explore. GoMechanic effectively leverages versatile QR codes, powered by Branch deep links, across various media including print and digital. Using Branch’s MLP solution to combine deep links with QR codes, GoMechanic can measure every scan, install, and channel conversion, allowing them to accurately discover their highest ROI channels and optimize their future campaigns.

Example of QR code Print media ads. GoMechanic print media QR code ad

Transform the way you measure success

GoMechanic saw the real benefit of Branch’s deep linking solutions across its marketing efforts. Working with Branch truly changed not only the way they measure success but also how their customers have a delightful experience every time they interact with the brand. 

GoMechanic’s partnership with Branch has helped it further disrupt the automotive industry and achieve its long-term goals of providing a one-stop destination to users for their automotive needs. By solving the issue of poor LTV: CAC ratio and high cart abandonment, Branch helped GoMechanic effectively drive greater user engagement, boost conversions, and hit new levels of mobile app growth.

“Branch is our trusted partner for mobile app deep linking and attribution and has been a powerful driver for the massive success of our marketing campaigns in the past couple of months. Its robust deep linking solutions enable us to deliver a more engaging user experience while driving higher acquisition and retention rates. Branch has also helped us in app discovery, we have massive spends on the web. Branch helped us in sending web traffic to the app thus providing better retention and LTV. Overall, we have observed a 137% increase in orders.”

–  Aakash Goyal, AVP of Marketing, GoMechanic 

The overall success of using deep links throughout their marketing efforts has fueled the GoMechanic team to focus on new growth initiatives. The team is able to expand to more channels for advertising while having granular visibility into their analytics and attribution for each campaign performance. Further, they are able to leverage deep links to create a seamless customer journey from different channels to their mobile app. 

If you want to know more about mobile app growth and how you can use Branch’s products in your marketing tech stack, check out Branch or contact our sales team to get started with a demo today.

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