Branch Announces Partnership with Quora

We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Quora to extend Branch’s powerful mobile linking and attribution capabilities to Quora’s advertising platform. With this partnership, advertisers can drive better campaign performance on mobile with robust cross-platform attribution data for further campaign optimization.

The explosive growth of mobile has introduced widespread fragmentation across devices, platforms, and channels. And this has drastically changed the way consumers engage with businesses across platforms. Cross-channel and cross-platform (web and app) digital journeys are the mobile industry’s new status quo. In fact, Criteo’s latest eCommerce report indicates that the advertisers who generate transactions across platforms see more than 50% of transactions completed on mobile, signaling that users engage and convert on multiple platforms but prefer mobile.

For advertisers, this means two things:

  • Ad experience ought to be optimized for the fragmented mobile world
  • Accurate cross-platform attribution data is required to maximize ROAS

For years, Branch has provided the industry’s leading deep linking platform to help businesses fix user experiences and measure the impact of their marketing activities. . With the release of our Quora integration, advertisers can measure the cross-platform impact of Quora campaigns while ensuring the most optimal ad experience.

“We are very excited to partner with Quora to bring Branch’s unique attribution engine to their platform,” said Eric Stein, EVP & GM at Branch. “Clients already benefit from Quora’s one-of-a-kind platform and engaged audience; now they can more accurately measure the impact of their campaigns as well.”

“We are excited to partner with Branch to offer robust measurement and attribution capabilities to our advertisers on the Quora Ads Platform,” said Puja Ramani, Head of Business Marketing at Quora. “Branch is a leader in mobile measurement and many of our current advertisers use Branch. Today, with the Quora Ads and Branch partnership, marketers can use Branch’s cutting edge technology to measure the impact of their app install campaigns on Quora.”  

If you’re interested in leveraging Branch for your Quora ad campaigns, request a demo for Universal Ads or leave a comment down below. To try advertising on Quora, simply visit the business page on Quora.